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If you're like most contractors, you tend to get lost in your daily duties and rarely work on building your own business. I can honestly say I've been there. After 33 years of general contractor experience in all areas - the field, management, and owner level - I saw the payoff of investing time into my business instead of just building the next job. It paid dividends in company performance, profit, and employee morale.

That's why I launched my consultancy. Many contractors don't realize they're sitting on a gold mine. They're simply too busy to notice. Their current companies oftentimes have the right raw materials, but need focused attention on their own business.

My specialty is to help construction leaders develop a long-range vision of their company and then create strategic benchmarks to take them there. I have a track record of success in helping contractors improve their efficiencies in all areas of their company with the overarching goal of significantly increasing their profit on each and every job.

If you are a contractor who is truly interested in taking your company to the next level, I'll make you a promise: I will refund your money if your profits do not grow. My services are guaranteed. If you complete your portion of the work and haven't exceeded the amount of my fee in new profits, l will refund your money. Period.

Garrett Sullivan
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